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Table of Contents

Introduction: The No Word

Stepping into No: The Basics
No: A Learned Skill
Saying Yes to the NoWord
The No Credo

Part 1 With Friends

Who’s a Friend?
When No Is Crystal Clear
Getting Personal
Buying Time
You’re Invited
Out and About: Social Graces
In the Neighborhood

Part 2 All in the Family

Tightening Your Boundaries
Complicating Factors with Parents
Enter the In-Laws
No, Darling
With Children–Park Your Guilt

Part 3 At Work

High Performance Versus Overload
Mixing Business with Pleasure
Power Plays
Sticky Situations

Part 4 Really Difficult People

Selling You a Bill of Goods
Getting Things Done–Your Way

Conclusion: Bowing Out

Finding the Courage
The No Drill
Liberating Yourself
Experiencing the Freedom
A New Mind-Set

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