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Dr. Newman is often asked for her perspective or advice on a variety of subjects ranging from coping with parenting issues to shoring up your ability to say NO, from family size decisions to solving in-law or grandparent tensions. These features address problems you may wonder about or face and offer practical solutions.

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Broadcast / Video News

Why 40 is the New 30 for First-time Moms

CBS Sunday Morning (Video)

Deciding and parenting an only child

Radio Health Journal

Is the economy shrinking family size?

CNN Newsroom (Video)

Soccer Moms Beware

MSNBC News (Video)

Do you humiliate your children without realizing it?

CBS (video)

You can say NO. Learn how (interview with Susan Newman)

Showbiz Tonight

What’s the right family size for you?

Good Morning America

CNN Interview with Susan Newman


Print News

My Marriage Has a Third Wheel: Our Child New York Times

New York Times

Why does society judge single-child families like mine so harshly?

The Sydney Morning Herald

Why you shouldn’t mock Kim Kardashian’s 5-year-old daughter


Fiver Parties Are Better for Kids, According to Developmental Experts

Good Housekeeping

8 fun Mommy and Me classes for babies and toddlers


What Do Grown Children Really Owe Their Parents?


Can being an only child affect creativity and social skills?

The Indian Express

Why your second child isnt any easier


How To Deal With Family Members Who Pry About Your Personal Life

Huffington Post

The Upsides of Generosity

Family Circle

When your adult child moves home: the surprising benefits for Mom and Dad


What does childhood anxiety look like? Probably not what you think

The Washington Post

The Growth of Multigenerational Homes


How to Live With Your Parents the Right Way


How to Become Friends With Your Parents


How To Deal With Family Members Who Pry About Your Personal Life

Huffington Post

Attention Grandmas: It’s Better for Kids to Have Fewer Toys

Good Housekeeping

13 Things Everyone Should Know About Only Children


Is Marijuana Dangerous for Teens?


Where Do You Stand on These Back-to-School Parenting Questions?

Woman’s Day

How to Say No to Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Grade Schoolers Without Saying “No”


When Do You Intervene in Someone Else’s Parenting?


How to Make Life More Positive

Mindfulness Wellness

One Simple Word That Could Make a Difference in Your Kids and Your Wallet

Penny Hoarder

How to Stand Up to Your Overbearing Parents

Bottom Line Personal

How to Find Your Passion In Life (And Not Just for College Admissions)

Your Teen Magazine (for Parents)

How Much Do You Know About Only Children?

US News & World Report

Do Parents play favorites?

The Herald Argus

To Raise Resilient Kids, Be a Resilient Parent

New York Times

9 Signs a Child Has Entitlement Issues

Ziglar Family

11 Serious Consequences of Favoring One Child Over Another

Reader's Digest

Positive Reading List: The Book of No


The Ex Factor: Should you cut ties with your child’s former flame


The case for one child: Would you be happier with just one kid?

New Zealand Herald

How Smartphones Sap Your Brainpower

US News and World Report

How To Say ‘No’ To An Invitation Without Feeling Like A Jerk

Huffington Post

How to Keep the “Happy” in the Holidays


To Raise Independent Kids, You Have to Set Some Limits

US News and World Report

How to Avoid Family Drama Over the Holidays


Not Going Home for the Holidays? How to let your family down easy

Chicago Tribune

No, a two-letter word we don’t say enough

Work and Family Life

The Health Benefits of Having (and Being) Grandparents

US News and World Report

5 Benefits of Having Children Later in Life

U.S. News & World Report

6 common in-law conflicts after baby arrives: How to handle them


Mark Zuckerberg’s Wife Is Expecting a Baby Girl — and He Praises the Importance of Sisters

Yahoo News

5 Times You Should Say NO To A Friend

Friendship Rules

No Siblings: Am I Cheating My Only Child? The science is reassuring for parents of one.

(U.S. News & World Report)

How to Politely Decline an Offer to Officiate Your Wedding

Chicago Tribune

21 Tips to Stop Being a People-Pleaser

Psych Central

6 Secrets for Planning the Perfect Mother-Daughter Trip