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Part I: Considering The Only Child

One: The New Traditional Family
The Way it Was
The Trend Toward One
Childbearing Realities
Adoption—A Choice
Why Only One
One Fills the Bill

Two: Debunking the Myths
Labeling—Myth Versus Fact
The Leading Edge
One Is Best If…

Three: The Inner Workings of the Threesome
The Personal Issues
The Practical Issues

Four: The Inner Workings of the Twosome
Beware of the Intensity
Set Time Aside for Yourself
Enlarge Your Circle of Support
Once There Was Enough Time

Part II: Parenting An Only Child

Five: Working Attitudes

Think Big
Am I Doing It Right?
Moderation Is the Goal
Certain Concerns Are Realistic
Don’t Focus on Oneness
Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Six: The Specifics
Center Stage: Pros and Cons
Balance Receiving with Giving
Teach Sharing and Respect for Others
Set Boundaries; Define Acceptable Behavior
Too Much of a Good Thing
Who’s Running the Show?
The Wedge, the Pawn, and Other Manipulations

Seven: Great Expectations
Warning Signs: too Much Pressure
Look at Your Child Realistically
The Super-child Syndrome
The Race to Educate
Blinders On
State-of-the-Art Child
Babying the Baby…Or, All Grown Up at Four

Eight: Onlies Need Not Be Lonely
Friends Are Vital
Lessons Friends Teach
The More the Merrier
Alone, but Not Lonely

Part III: Making The Right Decision

Nine: Just One More
Grandparents Are Most Enthusiastic
Keeping Up with the Joneses
Hitting Home

Ten: Pressuring Yourselves
Ask Yourselves
Husband Pressures Wife; Wife Pressures Husband
The Wrong Reasons
Being a Family Without Being Overburdened

Eleven: Future Issues Without Siblings
Safeguarding Your Only
Cultivating a Support System
For the Long Haul

Twelve: An Only — The Only Way to Go
Master Plan for Minor Pitfalls
Nicholas D’Elia (Age Five): Profile of an Only
Only Children Have Their Say
Being an Only is a Huge Break
The Myth Was…The Reality Is…

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