After several decades, I’ve finally reached this point: I am thoroughly, utterly annoyed.

Despite years of sound research, studies and investigation, parents of only children — and only children themselves — still have to be on the defensive. (Yes, this includes me!) It is a fact of life that too many have to defend their choice to keep their firstborn an only child. It doesn’t seem to matter how many countries around the globe have become one-child nations or close, or that many only children go on to have only children.

Like any parenting journey, raising an only child is a complex, multifaceted experience — perhaps made even more challenging to navigate because of the persistent stereotypes. In spite of lingering stereotypes, one-child families have become common in most developed nations and many cities in the US. Forty-seven percent of families in Seattle have one-child.

Still, many continue to think of singletons as different, shortchanged or disadvantaged. Thus, this Information Center was born:

You may be here because you are contemplating having one child or thinking about having another. You want to enrich your only child’s development. You may seek facts — not myths — about only children. Or, you may simply want to tell others what’s great about being an only child or being the parent of one. Whatever your reason, welcome!

I invite you to explore the many aspects of the world of only children. Click on the sections above to find what you’re looking for.

Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by!


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