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Necessary Alterations
My Parent, My Friend

One: Who Am I? Who Are They?

The Family Fish Net
Different Generations, Different Views
Your History Together
Making Choices, Initiating Change
Still Your Parents

Two: Still Driving You Crazy

So Annoying
Addressing Trouble Spots
Coping with Relationship Gaps
Your New, Leading Role

Three: Staying Connected

Short-Circuiting Guilt Trips
The Frequency Factor
The Near or Far Dilemma
Turning Estranged Relationships Around
Keeping Everyone Happy

Four: Drawing Boundaries

Defining Boundaries
Changing Patterns
Who’s the Parent?

Five: Your Partners, Spouses and In-Laws

I’d Like You to Meet…
The Underlying Issues
Surmounting In-Law Difficulties

Six: Your Parent’s New Partner

Puzzling Choices
New Families, New Roles
Unraveling the Logistics
Seeing Things Differently

Seven: Sibling Complications, Sibling Support

The Family System
Sibling Frustrations
Troublemakers and High Maintenance Siblings
You Like Him Better…Still
Sibling Assistance

Eight: Money Matters

Receiving Money from Your Parents
Claiming Rights to Your Parents’ Money
When Parents’ Generosity Makes You Uncomfortable
Parents Needing Financial Help from You

Nine: Career Directions and Decisions

Great Expectations
Going into the Family Business
Measuring Up
Surpassing a Parent

Ten: Relationship Shifts

Illness Changes the Relationship
When a Parent Dies
Losing Your Childhood Home

Eleven: It’s a Boy! Parents as Grandparents

Not Living Up to Your Expectations
Expectations Met
Inevitable In-Law Comparisons and Conflicts
Protecting Your Own

Twelve: Parent to Peer


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