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Necessary Alterations

My Parent/My Friend

Chapter One: Who Am I? Who Are They?

The Family Fish Net

Different Generations, Different Views

Your History Together

Making Choices, Initiating Change

Still Your Parents

Chapter Two: Still Driving You Crazy

So Annoying

Addressing Trouble Spots

Coping with Relationship Gaps

Your New, Leading Role

Chapter Three: Staying Connected

Short-circuiting Guilt Trips

The Frequency Factor

The Near or Far Dilemma

Turning Estranged Relationships Around

Keeping Everyone Happy

Chapter Four: Drawing Boundaries

Defining Boundaries

Changing Patterns

Who’s the Parent?

Chapter Five: Your Partners, Spouses and In-Laws

I’d Like You to Meet…

The Underlying Issues

Surmounting In-law Difficulties

Chapter Six: Your Parent’s New Partner

Puzzling Choices

New Families, New Roles

Unraveling the Logistics

Seeing Things Differently

Chapter Seven: Sibling Complications, Sibling Support

The Family System

Sibling Frustrations

Troublemakers and High Maintenance Siblings

You Like Him Better…Still

Sibling Assistance

Chapter Eight: Money Matters

Receiving Money from Your Parents

Claiming Rights to Your Parents’ Money

When Parents’ Generosity Makes You Uncomfortable

Parents Needing Financial Help from You

Chapter Nine: Career Directions and Decisions

Great Expectations

Going into the Family Business

Measuring Up

Surpassing a Parent

Chapter Ten: Relationship Shifts

Illness Changes the Relationship

When a Parent Dies

Losing Your Childhood Home

Chapter Eleven: It’s a Boy! Parents as Grandparents

Not Living Up to Your Expectations

Expectations Met

Inevitable In-law Comparisons and Conflicts

Protecting Your Own

Chapter Twelve: Parent to Peer—The Friendship Model

Starting Points

Eight Ground Rules for Ensuring Friendship

The Intangibles That Fortify Friendship

Chapter Thirteen: A Work in Progress—The Generational Picture

From the Same Cloth

Parents are People, Too

And the Bond Goes On…

Modeling for the Next Generation


Research Design


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