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Whether it’s by choice or fate, having a single child presents unique considerations, opportunities, and advantages.

Dr. Susan Newman—who has studied only child families since the 1980s—shatters the myths of the lonely, spoiled, bossy only child. Parenting an Only Child provides in-depth coverage of the critical issues such as:

  • Making the right family size decision for you
  • Maintaining a balance of power in a three-member household
  • Single parenting the only child
  • Setting boundaries with a child who is used to having your undivided attention
  • Fostering high achievement, creativity and independence in only children
  • Warning signs when a parent’s expectations are too high or pressure is too great
  • The effects of having parents, instead of siblings, as role models
  • Confronting age-old stereotypes
  • Withstanding the pressure to have another
  • Building family networks and other support systems for the future

Parenting an Only Child is the essential handbook for raising an only child or for exploring the option. It separates fact from fiction and offers fascinating findings and family stories. The down-to-earth advice makes it your supportive guide for raising a happy, well-adjusted child.

Praise for Parenting an Only Child

“She expertly discusses the finer points of raising an only child, with tips for encouraging sharing, making sure your child isn’t running the household and guarding against a “state-of-the-art child” that would help any parent in our affluent, child-centered times.”
Publishers Weekly

“Throw away your guilt! This is the most sensible and useful parenting book that I have read (and as a bookseller I have read loads of them). As a 42 year old mother of an adorable but all consuming 3.5 year old boy, I found every page reassuring. All my private concerns are addressed in this book. Not only does Susan Newman methodically disprove all the myths that surround only children, but there are pages of practical advice on how not to over-indulge your child, and maintain a life of your own.”
Bookseller in Australia

“Much of the book’s advice is useful for parenting in general, but parents of onlies will find this a particularly helpful guide.”
Library Journal

“Dear Dr. Newman,I just finished your book – Parenting an Only Child – and I must thank you. For years I have felt guilty about not being able to have another child. The doctors have told us that we were lucky to have our son, w ho is now 17. You answered a lot of my questions and made me feel much better.”
A Reader

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