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Little Things Long Remembered, updated for today’s time-strapped families, offers hundreds of ways to create treasured childhood rituals. Chock full of thoughtful and loving ideas that mean a lot — especially to children.

Small parcels of time well spent shape long-lasting memories that are the backbone of family unity…and the glue that holds families together.

Chapters are divided into convenient time frames: Gestures to strengthen family ties that take seconds, activities when you have five minutes, half an hour, or over the weekend. Plus, special circumstance suggestions for when your child is not feeling well or when you travel, for birthdays, major and minor holidays—including a set of Cardinal Rules to insure whatever you do is fun, builds character and celebrates your family.

Every single day offers fertile ground for creating positive recollections. Dig in to find “little things” that will inspire loving remembrances of growing up…and of you. Little Things… is the perfect new baby, Mother or Father’s Day, or any day gift for parents and grandparents.

Praise for the New Edition of Little Things Long Remembered

Little Things… promises—and delivers—a treasure chest of ideas to build cherished memories and strong family connections. Keep this book close by.” –Judy Blume

“Newman’s tips for making grand family memories are so easy to implement that every parent will want to grab a few to try right away. Integral to each ‘little thing’ is the warmth and love we want our kids to take away with them from their too-swiftly-over growing up years.” –Susan K. Perry, PhD, author of Playing Smart, Kylie’s Heel, and a blogger for Psychology Today

“Skip the elaborate birthday party with a petting zoo or laser tag. If you really want to show your kids that you love them, read Little Things Long Remembered. Susan Newman lists lots of little things that make your kids feel special every day of the year.”
– Jen Singer, author of You’re a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren’t So Bad Either)

“If you want to amp-up your family time, find simple ways to make lasting memories with your children, or are just in need of suggestions to create family traditions, Dr. Susan Newman’s Little Things Long Remembered is a must-read.” –Lauren Stevens for Huffington Post

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  • A Literary Guild Book Club Selection
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