Welcome to your Who Takes Advantage of Your Helpful Nature the Most?

By Susan Newman, Ph.D.

Often, it’s easy to get swept up into pattern of regularly responding to requests with a yes rather than a default no. You may not even recognize your willingness or selflessness as a hindrance. Some people are more difficult to refuse than others. Who gets you to say “yes” most often? Your parents? Friends? Children? A painter or contractor? A neighbor?

This quiz will help you define those in your life who present the biggest challenge—the people who turn you into a pushover, who get you to agree to whatever they ask.

It also helps you clearly see with whom you might need to shore up your boundaries and learn how to protect yourself.

1.    What are you most likely to say “Yes” to and then regret afterwards?

2.    The last thing you felt you were roped into was most likely…

3.    “There’s a crisis! I need your help—I don’t know who else to call!” — who is most likely to be saying this to you?

4.    When do you sometimes feel that you do too much for others and not enough for yourself?

5.    You would feel most guilty when refusing…

6.    Look around you. The things you reluctantly own are most likely to be…


7.    When you say yes, what’s the likely motivator?

8.    Think about the last time you said “Yes” to something you probably shouldn’t have. How did the asker make his or her request?