Quiz: Are Your Friendships Balanced?


As you respond, you can have a specific friend in mind or think in broader terms about your entire friend group. Select your response for the questions below.


1. Are you usually the go-to person called on when a friend needs a favor?

2. In conversations with a friend, do you spend most of the time listening to his or her problems rather than getting to speak about your own life?

3. Do most conversations stem from your friend’s concerns or desires—not yours?

4. Do you know more about the drama in your friend’s workplace in the last week than she knows about the last six months of your job?

5. Do you sometimes agree or go along with a friend to avoid conflict or tension?

6. Has your friend purposefully made you feel guilty about something—to get you to do something she wants?

7. Do you feel more obligated to prioritize hanging out with one friend over others to avoid angering that friend or hurting his or her feelings?

8. Do you often leave a meeting with your friend feeling more emotionally drained than revitalized?

9. Do you sometimes dread being with your friend, or wish you could do something or be somewhere else?

10. Do you “like” considerably more friends’ social media posts than they do of yours?