What’s in your medicine cabinet that could lead to teen medicine abuse? The cough medicine—harmless, right? Yes, if taken as directed. However, the active ingredient in most over-the-counter cough medicines can produce serious side effects if taken excessively.… Read More

We live in an age of yes-parenting, in a culture of parents who can’t say NO to their offspring whatever their age and whatever the number of children in the family. Yet, it’s common practice to categorize parents of only children as indulgent and overlook the same parental behavior in parents who have more than one child.… Read More

My question to you:  Dad dating, living with or married to someone other than your mother? Mom have a new or not-so-new love interest or partner? If you answered “yes,” I need your help. I am doing research for a new book that will explore situations in which adults and young adults (over age18) have a… Read More