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Life moves at a fast pace for families today no matter what the size. Whether you’re a tight-knit clan of three, or have a houseful, there are plenty of ways to carve out quality time — even with the busiest of schedules — with your offspring. Here, find the most popular articles on my site — which happen to be chock full of everyday parenting tips and ideas for stimulating activities, creating heart-warming rituals and building cherished new traditions.

You will also find actionable advice for navigating trickier topics: steering your child through anxiety, leading the sex talk, helping a child through the transition from high school to college, and more. Consider this your guide for forging closer bonds with your child from early ages and well into the teen years.

Facts to get you started:

  • Activities — not “things” like toys, devices, or clothing — are proven to build warmer, longer-lasting memories
  • “One of the great pleasures of being a parent is getting to grow up a second time, led by a small person with a sensibility that is quite different from yours.” —Dr. Wendy Mogel
  • When repeated consistently, even short or small routines like asking certain questions at the dinner table or initiating a quick before-bed practice can lead to traditions that pass down through generations
  • When broaching tough topics with your child, your firm, loving commitment to his or her wellbeing acts as a powerful grounding tactic
  • These everyday parenting tips are simply suggestions; feel free to modify to fit your family and needs

Remember: You don’t have to give a perfect answer to every question your child asks.

Offering steadfast support

Addressing tough topics

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