How We Shortchange Our Youngest Learners

Preschoolers are working more, but learning less. Have we set the “bar” too high for young learners? Read More

9 Signs Your Child Has Entitlement Issues

If you are an overly involved or protective parent, you likely feed into your child’s sense of entitlement with realizing. Here, ways to measure the extent of your child or teen’s “Me, Me, Me” problem and turn the tide of entitlement. Read More

Does Your Birth Order Actually Matter?

Personal experience often trumps scientific facts: We expect the oldest to be responsible, the middle child to rebel. New proof shows birth order isn’t as influential as we think in determining adult personality or intelligence. Are you confusing birth order with age difference? Read More

UK One Child CroppedWill You Be a New Traditional Family?

In Seattle, nearly 47 percent of households with children are one-child families. Within a few years, half of UK families will be one-child families. Why are more people choosing the single-child family? Will only child stereotypes finally disappear? Read More


Source: Mattel/Handout-Reuters

Parenting Teens for a Healthy Body Image—Can Barbie Help?

In her new book, UNTANGLED: Guiding Girls through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood, Lisa Damour, Ph.D., outlines ways parents can help their daughters develop a positive self image. Read More


The 3 Types of Parents Who Get Bullied by Their Children…and some expert advice on breaking the cycle

Mindfulness is not a word often associated with parenting. Neither is self-mastery. But without either it’s impossible to have a healthy relationship with your child. Parents committed to working on themselves rarely fall victim to continued bullying by their children. Read More

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