Do You Have a People-Pleasing Problem

Do You Have a People-Pleasing Problem?

When someone asks you for a favor, a “yes, sure” is out of your mouth before the reality of the commitment registers. You may have a people-pleasing problem. It’s not uncommon for many of us to wonder how we got roped into being the family’s go-to task person, an extra office assignment, or making arrangements… Read More

Parenting Stress Level

What’s Your Parenting Stress Level? 4 Tools for Coping

How do you know your own parenting stress level? Jessica Valenti, author of Why Have Kids?, believes that if you’ve ever felt like you face an onslaught of constant worries, demands, and sudden curveballs, you’re not alone. Valenti writes, “Nearly every study done in the last ten years on parental happiness shows a marked decline in… Read More

Teen DXM Abuse

3 Ways to Prevent Teen DXM Abuse

Would You Drink a Coffee Mug of Cough Syrup? Your Teen Might. While your family medicine cabinet seems less threatening than hard drugs or alcohol abuse, consider this: Some teens turn to easily accessible over-the-counter cough medicine for a buzz. We’ll look at three ways to prevent teen DXM abuse. In this guest post, Anita… Read More

Only Child Stereotypes: Fact vs. Fiction

Proponents of large or larger families claim your only child will be spoiled, lonely, or selfish or worse. These 7 social stereotypes and others date back to the late 1890s and have no basis in fact and probably never did… … Read More

10 Memorable Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Here are 10 creative, memorable ways to spend Mother’s Day together as a family.… Read More

Only Child without a sibling relationship

The Value of Sibling Relationships: Don’t Listen to the Stereotypes

This article  on the value of sibling relationships was originally published in Mindprint Learning   If you are the parent of one child, it’s hard not to think about only child stereotypes and hope that none of them will apply to your child. To that end, you try to teach your child not to be… Read More

6 Smart Ways to Interact with Your In-Laws After the Baby Arrives

Protecting yourself without damaging your in-law relationship   Plenty of people struggle with maintaining happy and healthy relations with their in-laws. Bring a newborn into the equation and unexpected sticky in-law situations can quickly arise.   You likely spent a lot of time with your in-laws before getting married. And you may have felt that… Read More

The Firstborn-Only Child Edge

There is no right or wrong family size, but there is strong evidence demonstrating a firstborn and only child edge. In families, the finite resources parents have means that any given sibling will be given less time and attention than if they were an only child. In essence, siblings compete for whatever their parents can provide. … Read More

Why We Brag About Our Kids: Parental Pride Has No Age Limit

Modesty is in short supply when it comes to our offspring be they 5 or 45 years old. Here’s why. … Read More

25 Days of Little Things

How are you and your family making this holiday season extra memorable? … Read More

Five Parent-Proven Strategies for Managing Stress

Here are five parent-proven strategies for putting the brakes on stress so that you can be the calm and caring parent you want to be.… Read More

How Parents Can Prevent Teen Medicine Abuse

What’s in your medicine cabinet that could lead to teen medicine abuse? The cough medicine—harmless, right? Yes, if taken as directed. However, the active ingredient in most over-the-counter cough medicines can produce serious side effects if taken excessively.… Read More

Dethroned: Sharing Mom and Dad With a New Sibling

Parents of only children will likely agree: their singleton rules the roost. So, what happens when a baby is on the way? … Read More

New Only Child Stereotype: Only Children Prone to Overweight

New Only Child Stereotype Brewing Are only children really more likely to be overweight or obese? A potential new stereotype links childhood obesity to family size, birth order and, specifically, to only children. Since 1896 when psychologist G. Stanley Hall pronounced only children were lonely, selfish, and bossy, these stereotypes have stuck. A number of… Read More

40 is the New 30 for Becoming a Mother

The”older moms” trend is clear: More women in their late thirties and well into their forties are starting families.… Read More

Mothers With One Child Are Happiest

Having an only child is desirable from a wide range of viewpoints and practicalities, but that doesn’t make decisions about family size any easier.… Read More

mothering helicopter parentiing

When Does Mothering Become Smothering?

A parent’s impulse is to coddle, but how much is too much?

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Sweethearts-in-Training: 15 Valentine Tips

How you treat your partner on Valentine’s Day speaks volumes to your children.
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Spoiled? Not My Kid

We live in an age of yes-parenting, in a culture of parents who can’t say NO to their offspring whatever their age and whatever the number of children in the family. Yet, it’s common practice to categorize parents of only children as indulgent and overlook the same parental behavior in parents who have more than one child.… Read More

Do Children Need Siblings to Become Good Sports?

If your toddler refuses to share a toy or take turns, even if the person doesn’t say the words, you know she is thinking: If that child had a sibling she wouldn’t behave this way. But is it true? Do children need siblings to learn social skills?… Read More

Shyness: Biologically Based? A Mental Disorder? or A Quirk?

When and how should a child’s shyness be treated?
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Solo Motherhood

Ready for Baby? Choosing Single Motherhood

Should women bother waiting for their dream guy to become mothers? Arguably not. … Read More

Only Child Benefits, According to Those Who Lived It

Onlies in their 20s, 40s, 60s and 70s shared their feelings and revealed five distinct advantages to being an only child.… Read More

10 Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

For some people the holidays are a time for friends, family, and relaxation, but for many, even most, the pressure to get everything done and be merry is just too much.… Read More

More Babies, More Housework for Moms? Not Necessarily

Despite the fact that more women than ever before have full-time jobs outside the home, household labor remains largely the mother’s responsibility. So perhaps it isn’t surprising that more and more women are choosing to have only one child.… Read More

How to Bring Extra Love to the Holidays

The holidays are a fine time to reconnect with your family. … Read More

7 Tricks (and Treats) for a Memorable Halloween

Making your children part of happy Halloween celebrations fuels feelings of closeness for all family members. … Read More

9 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Extra-Memorable for Your Kids

When Thanksgiving rolls around, invite your children to partake in rituals or simply help out. It gives them a sense of purpose and fuels feelings of closeness for all family members.… Read More

“I Have to Have It!” 12 Tips for Deprogramming the Spoiled Child

Whether you’re training your very young child or facing off with a teen, you can deprogram spoiled children. … Read More

5 Ways to Teach Men (and Boys) Not to Rape

In the wake of the Steubenville, Ohio rape trial, Zerlina Maxwell, a rape survivor and advocate for changing rape culture, offers a five-point plan to teach boys to respect girls and women and not to rape.… Read More

Should Moms and Daughters be BFFs?

Today the lines between parent and child are increasingly blurred, with a noticeable number of mothers and daughters behaving like peers–swapping texts, clothes, music and, often, the intimate details of their sex lives. Such a strong bond brings with it an enviable sense of camaraderie and openness, but is there such as thing as being too close to your child?… Read More

When You Can’t Be There: 20 Ways to Stay Connected to Children

It is a dilemma most working parents face: How do you fulfill your job commitments without cheating your children? Instead of worrying, use the time you have to reconnect in these simple, yet meaningful ways. … Read More

Are You Too Much of a Yes-Parent?

Take the test. Maybe it’s time to change. … Read More

Trust Your Teen, But Not with the Medicine Cabinet: 9 Tips

Parents often think they can trust their children with over-the-counter medicine and prescription pills in the home, but here’s why they shouldn’t.… Read More

Imaginary Friends: Should Parents Worry?

Lisa’s four-year-old daughter Hannah mentioned her new friend Betsy. Lisa assumed Betsy was one of Hannah’s pre-school classmates until Hannah asked if Betsy could have dinner with them. “But she’s not here,” her mother said. “Yes, she is,” Hannah insisted. “She lives here.” … Read More

Teaming Up to Tackle Your Child’s Attention or Learning Issues

Learning and attention issues affect one in five children, but often go undiagnosed for years. This can be heartbreaking for parents and confusing for their children. … Read More

Does an Empty Nest Have to Be Lonely? Not If You Prepare.

Sending a child off to college should be a relief, but the reality is often anything but blissful. Whereas parents anticipate having peace and quiet when their children leave, sadness and anxiety can easily creep in.… Read More

6 Well-Kept Secrets Affecting Family Size

For the last 20+ years I have been researching and writing about family issues. Here are six well-kept family “secrets” that influence family size today. … Read More

Have You Had the Pot Talk with Your Teen? If Not, Why Not?

Most high schools offer sex-ed or health classes for teens that aren’t supposed to be having sex. Why don’t we educate them about marijuana use even though they aren’t supposed to be smoking it? … Read More

She Wants a Baby…He Doesn’t

What happens when a couple is divided on family size? … Read More

Parent-Child Bonding Rituals in Under 5 Minutes

You may think you are too busy to squeeze in meaningful, day-to-day exchanges with your children. … Read More

Can Technology Weaken the Parent-Teen Bond?

It’s no secret that most teens would rather spend time with their smart phones than do homework, read, or interact with their families. But, can it weaken the parent-teen bond?… Read More

How to Have a Happy Home When Your Adult Child Returns to the Nest

As a parent, you may have thought your young adult’s arrival home was a stopover, a year, tops, until he or she found another job or finished her education. Wake-up call: Yours may be far too content to think about leaving. And, he’s not the only one.… Read More

Who Will Care for Your Parents? For You? When and Why Siblings Disappoint

In most families, siblings don’t contribute equally to the care of their parents. The research on the subject shows that the share is often disproportionate, creating resentment and argument between siblings…… Read More

“I Should But I Won’t”: Young Children’s Understanding of Sharing

Young children know way more about sharing than you may think. As parents, we teach them that “sharing is caring,” but new studies indicate that it might not be their playmates that they’re “caring” about. … Read More

Note to Parents of Singletons: Your Child Won’t Be Lonely

Parents of singletons often worry that without siblings, their child might have problems sharing and making friends — and hence, will be lonely. But, this stereotype of the only child as lonely child has long been without merit. … Read More

In Defense of Older First-Time Moms

“When is the ideal time to have a baby?” Everyone has an opinion and most people have no qualms sharing it. Whatever people believe, women are having their first babies later than ever before. … Read More

Raising “Star” Children: The Pressure May Be Too Great

Probably nowhere in the world is the pressure to shine greater than that exerted on Chinese only children. In a nation with a one child policy in effect for over 30 years, these children are studied and scrutinized. Their outcomes are not always positive.… Read More

The Digital Detox Every Family Should Do

Face-to-face interaction is crucial for the development of a young child’s language skills and emotional intelligence. Although it might be too much to do away with technology all together, here is the digital detox every family should do.… Read More

You Can Go Home Again: 10 Tips for Moving Back In with Parents

The trend of adult children of all ages moving home with their parents is unmistakable. This year alone, more than 80 percent of college grads were expected return because rents are high and jobs are scarce. For some, the thought of living with mom and dad again, be they 20 or 40 is horrifying or, at the least, troubling. … Read More