Smartphones Sapping Energy

Let’s face it: Most of us depend on our smartphones. We use them innumerable times a day to stay in touch with our children, get news updates, fill free time and see what friends are doing. But the endless texting, calling, reading email and whatever else you do on your phone isn’t just draining your smartphone’s… Read More


Making Their Lists, But Not Checking Them Twice: Why parents can’t – but should – say no. Whether you have toddlers or teens, a parent’s natural tendency is to strive for content and happy children. But, saying yes to what can feel like an endless stream of wants morphs into a damaging cycle that I call “yes-parenting.” Learn… Read More

10 Ways to Deal with Mom-Shaming

This article on Mom-Shaming by Dr. Susan Newman was originally featured in Psychology Today. Who hasn’t had her child-rearing choices questioned—by family, friends, your spouse, or a stranger? Who in your circle is most judgmental? As a parent, you are subject to comment on a host of parenting decisions: Whether you decide to breastfeed or… Read More

6 Parenting Practices You Probably Don’t Do, but Should

This article on parenting practices by Dr. Susan Newman is featured in Psychology Today. In a world consumed by technology and the pressure to boost children’s academic standings, perhaps it’s time for American parents to ask the questions posed by Linda Åkeson McGurk, a Swedish-American journalist: “What if more toddlers spent their days watching real… Read More

Are Dads as Torn Between Jobs and Family Life As Moms?

Fatherhood has reached a critical point for many dads who are caught between being an ideal employee and an ideal parent. They are asking themselves the same question working mothers have been asking for decades: Is it possible to have it all? In so many ways, dads’ struggles have caught up with moms’.… Read More