Are Dads as Torn Between Jobs and Family Life As Moms?

Fatherhood has reached a critical point for many dads who are caught between being an ideal employee and an ideal parent. They are asking themselves the same question working mothers have been asking for decades: Is it possible to have it all? In so many ways, dads’ struggles have caught up with moms’.

Parenting, once the sole domain of mothers, is now more equitable in terms of parents sharing the responsibility of caring for children. Today’s fathers read books on pregnancy and baby care and spend almost three times the hours a week caring for their children as they did in 1965, according to the Pew Charitable Trust. Dads are also less likely to be a household’s primary breadwinner. It’ s a welcome change that benefits everyone – especially the children.

It doesn’t seem to matter if you or the father of your children is a Millennial, Generation Xer or Baby Boomer. Researchers at the Boston College Center for Work and Family found that most dads feel torn between their jobs and their family life. Fathers want to share equally in the care of their children. The Center points out that “the old stereotype of fathers being career-centric parents and somewhat emotionally detached from family does not describe today’s fathers.”

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