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Given altered definitions of family and society’s fast pace, new concerns emerge and we need to adapt and adjust to them. As children grow, a parent’s role is constantly being redefined and challenged. These pages are designed to help you respond to your own and your children’s needs and dilemmas.

The site is filled with articles and news reports to keep you up-to-date on research based evidence and the latest thinking. As you look around, you will find information on family size questions, only children, imaginary friends, creating rituals and traditions, coping with empty nest, boomerang children, grandparenting and much more. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please use this contact button to send a request or question.

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Psychology Today Blog

Taming the Bully in Your House: When Your Kid Calls the Shots…

Mindfulness is not a word often associated with parenting. Neither is self-mastery. But without either it’s impossible to have a healthy relationship with your child. Parents committed to working on themselves rarely fall victim to continued bullying by their children. Read More

Avoiding ADHD’s Wide Net: One Parent, One Child at a Time

The number of children diagnosed with ADHD is staggering and growing. Before you accept an ADHD diagnosis (and stimulant medication), as a parent it is your responsibility to consider what else might be causing your child’s difficult behaviors.
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Laundry Basket_0Who Shares Better? Same-Sex or Different-Sex Couples?

For most heterosexual couples, the partner with the fatter paycheck does less on the home front. Not so in same-sex couples. Those of us in traditional marriages and partnerships can learn a lot from “modern families”… and feel happier and less burdened. Read More

How Allowing Children to Fail Helps Them Succeed

In our highly competitive parenting environment how do you learn to back off and let your children stumble, struggle, even fail? Here, why you should and how you can. Read More

Should I Keep My Firstborn an Only ChildShould I Keep My Firstborn an Only Child?

For a period of time, firstborns are only children. Their education and achievement levels are noteworthy. In a new study, “Sibling Configurations, Educational Aspiration and Attainment,” Feifei Bu of Essex University found that “firstborn children (whether male or female) have higher aspirations and that these aspirations play a significant role in determining later levels of attainment.” Read More

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