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29 Only child Requests

29 Only Child Requests: Parents, the Correct Response is No

Yes, I said yes to my only child and stepped in or gave in. Saying yes is a trap only child parents fall into. Saying no, however, teaches important life lessons. Read more… Read More

Are Dads as Torn Between Jobs and Family Life As Moms?

Are Dads as Torn Between Jobs and Family Life As Moms?

Fatherhood has reached a critical point for many dads who are caught between being an ideal employee and an ideal parent. They are asking themselves the same question working mothers have been asking for decades: Is it possible to have it all? In so many ways, dads’ struggles have caught up with moms’.… Read More

Do You Have a People-Pleasing Problem

Do You Have a People-Pleasing Problem?

When someone asks you for a favor, a “yes, sure” is out of your mouth before the reality of the commitment registers. You may have a people-pleasing problem. It’s not uncommon for many of us to wonder how we got roped into being the family’s go-to task person, an extra office assignment, or making arrangements… Read More

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The Firstborn-Only Child Edge

There is no right or wrong family size, but there is strong evidence demonstrating a firstborn and only child edge. In families, the finite resources parents have means that any given sibling will be given less time and attention than if they were an only child. In essence, siblings compete for whatever their parents can provide. … Read More

Are You Too Much of a Yes-Parent?

Take the test. Maybe it’s time to change. … Read More

6 Effective Ways to Compliment—and Motivate—Your Child

What parent doesn’t love to praise his or her children? Yet, parents should be wary of over-the-top, glowing praise. … Read More

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