The Book of NO -- An Amazon Bestseller

Dr. Newman's highly praised "The Book of NO" was featured as #1 on Amazon Bestseller Lists in Self-Esteem, Parenting, and... Read more

6 Well-Kept Secrets Affecting Family Size

For the last 20+ years I have been researching and writing about family issues. Here are six well-kept family "secrets" that influence family size today. Read more

Trends in Motherhood: Forty (or Close) is the New 20 for Having Babies

Forty (or close) is the new 20 when it comes to having babies creating a distinct trend with a host of positives for women who delay motherhood including living longer than those who give birth at young Read more

Only Child Stereotypes: Fact vs. Fiction

Proponents of large or larger families claim your only child will be spoiled, lonely, or selfish or worse. These 7 social stereotypes and others date back to the late 1890s and have no basis in fact and probably never did... Read more

Imaginary Friends: Should Parents Worry?

Lisa's four-year-old daughter Hannah mentioned her new friend Betsy. Lisa assumed Betsy was one of Hannah's pre-school classmates until Hannah asked if Betsy could have dinner with them. "But she's not here," her mother said. "Yes, she is," Hannah insisted. "She lives here." Read more


Parenting expert Susan Newman, Ph.D. specializes in issues impacting your children, family life, and work and personal friendships. Dr. Newman is a social psychologist and author of 15 books who focuses on solutions that enrich and protect those relationships.

Given altered definitions of family and society’s fast pace, new concerns emerge and we need to adapt and adjust to them. As children grow, a parent’s role is constantly being redefined and challenged. These pages are designed to help you respond to your own and your children’s needs and dilemmas.

The site is filled with articles and news reports to keep you up-to-date on research based evidence and the latest thinking. As you look around, you will find information on family size questions, only children, imaginary friends, creating rituals and traditions, coping with empty nest, boomerang children, grandparenting and much more. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please use this contact button to send a request or question.

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Psychology Today Blog

twitter lightningThe Perfect Storm: Twitter, Marijuana and the Teen Brain

Young Twitter users favor marijuana. Teen Twitter chatter about “pot” is high and influential for the developing teenage brain. The popularity of social networking sites allows an increasingly younger demographic to be intrigued by pot and attracted to the perceived benefits. Read More

Pregnant Green dressPregnant? Easier to Be Fired Than You Think

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 made it illegal to fire a woman because she is pregnant, but employers have found ways to circumvent the law. Complaints of workplace pregnancy discrimination to the United States’ Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) rose 46 percent between 1997 and 2011. Read More

 Should I Keep My Firstborn an Only ChildShould I Keep My Firstborn an Only Child?

For a period of time, firstborns are only children. Their education and achievement levels are noteworthy. In a new study, “Sibling Configurations, Educational Aspiration and Attainment,” Feifei Bu of Essex University found that “firstborn children (whether male or female) have higher aspirations and that these aspirations play a significant role in determining later levels of attainment.” Read More

Are You Strong Enough to Unplug for 24 HoursAre You Strong Enough to Unplug for 24 Hours?

I admit that the idea of disconnecting makes me nervous. I feel as if I am almost always connected by one device or another and that seems necessary.  What happens when you unplug for a whole day and are not at the mercy of your “screens”?

 Read More

Teddy BearThe One Thing Parents Don’t Need to Stress About

What are your fondest childhood memories? Many parents go above and beyond to provide memorable experiences for their children—from pricey vacations to elaborate themed birthday parties. A new study says there’s more power in the mundane. Read More




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