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Problem Saying No

“Yes.” “Sure.” “No Problem.” Hard for You to Say “NO”?

                      When someone asks you for a favor, the words are out of your mouth before the reality of the commitment registers. It’s not uncommon for many of us to wonder how we got roped into being the family’s go-to task person, an extra office… Read More

Parenting Stress Level

What’s Your Parenting Stress Level? 4 Tools for Coping

How do you know your own parenting stress level? Jessica Valenti, author of Why Have Kids?, believes that if you’ve ever felt like you face an onslaught of constant worries, demands, and sudden curveballs, you’re not alone. Valenti writes, “Nearly every study done in the last ten years on parental happiness shows a marked decline in… Read More

Teen DXM Abuse

3 Ways to Prevent Teen DXM Abuse

Would You Drink a Coffee Mug of Cough Syrup? Your Teen Might. While your family medicine cabinet seems less threatening than hard drugs or alcohol abuse, consider this: Some teens turn to easily accessible over-the-counter cough medicine for a buzz. We’ll look at three ways to prevent teen DXM abuse. In this guest post, Anita… Read More

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The Firstborn-Only Child Edge

There is no right or wrong family size, but there is strong evidence demonstrating a firstborn and only child edge. In families, the finite resources parents have means that any given sibling will be given less time and attention than if they were an only child. In essence, siblings compete for whatever their parents can provide. … Read More

6 Effective Ways to Compliment—and Motivate—Your Child

What parent doesn’t love to praise his or her children? Yet, parents should be wary of over-the-top, glowing praise. … Read More

Protect Your Personal Life: 10 Ways for Saying NO at Work

According to an online job source survey, more than half of workers say they work under a great deal of stress, with nearly 77 percent reporting they feel burnout on the job. Difficult co-workers, unrealistic workloads and overbearing bosses are only some of the top workplace stressors mentioned.… Read More

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